CABG Clamp: Cornell DEBUT Project

As a member of the project team Cornell DEBUT, I helped develop a solution to a problem in the medical field. After lots of brainstorming, our team decided to address a primary concern within common arterial-venous surgeries (e.g. heart by-pass): suturing veins and arteries together efficiently while minimizing risk and amount of blood leakage. We finally designed a rigid support that clamps the donor vein and coronary artery together using 3D printed parts and a pair of M1 bolts and nuts.

My primary role as the Mechanical Engineer on the team was to iterate through designs of the product using Autodesk Fusion 360 and simulate each iteration using Computation Fluid Dynamics (Autodesk CFD). I analyzed iterations of the design by testing the product with a blood-like viscous fluid in CDF and looking for backflow and leakages. After optimizing the design, I created an animation of the assembly and usage of the device using the simulation tab in Fusion 360 and Blendr, as shown at 1:39 in the video.